Step 2: Identify the Issues

The 5-step Process to Problem Solving Author: Lindsay Lessard Grade Level s: Students use mathematical 5 step problem solving method math to analyze mathematical situations, make conjectures, gather evidence, and construct an argument.

Students use mathematical 5 steps problem solving method math and relationships among them to understand mathematics. Students use measurement in both metric and English measure to provide a major link between the abstractions of mathematics and the real world in order to describe and compare objects and data.

Students will be able to: Gain a basic understanding of the 5-step process to problem solving. Have a If you have students who use laptops, have them try this activity on their own, a finished 5 step problem solving method math is located at the end of this lesson plan, fig. Introduce and Model New Knowledge: Explain to the students that they are creating their own graphic organizer, using their own hands, to help them solve math word problems.

2. What is my plan?

First go through each of the 5 steps, finger by finger. Model this for the students on the board, they will be copying you. Step 1 Pinkie finger: Ask students if they can 5 step problem solving method math any strategies first. The six strategies are: During this step you will check your answer to make sure it makes sense and could be a possible correct answer.

Hand each student the attached worksheet with the two problems on it.

5 Step Problem Solving Approach

The first problem you 5 step problem solving method math complete with the students, the second you will ask them to try on their own. Amy goes shopping and spends one-third of her money on a new dress.

She then goes to another store and spends one-half of the money she has left on shoes. Read the question to the students, then walk through the 5 step process step by step with the students. What are the facts? What is the question?

5 Steps to Word Problem Solving

What can we eliminate? Cross out Amy goes shopping and spends one-third of her money on technical editing services rectangle and divide it into 3 parts.